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Dr. E. E. DeWitt

DeWitt on the General Epistles

   This work is intended to be a devotional commentary useful in the preparation of sermon material. The author has spent most of his adult life in a pulpit ministry; he, generally understands the need of pastor’s in considering their sermons and has attempted to meet that need. Dr. DeWitt, is a thoroughly trained theologian. However, since he has always worked a secular job while pastoring, he can present the Words of Life in words that consider the life of the reader. His work is non-technical to the extent that he is able to make it so. When it is necessary to use technical (“Church speak”), he will explain what is meant so that even the most untrained layman will be able to understand the words and meaning of the passage in question. The Book of Hebrews is concerned mainly with two objectives. First is the fact that the group which originally made the exodus were not allowed to enter into the Land of the Covenant. Is this an allegory suggesting that there are some who will follow the Lord but fail to reach Heaven? That subject matter is addressed. The other fact covered is that some were warned against departing from the faith. Does this suggest that salvation could be lost? Again, that subject is addressed. The eleventh chapter is often called, “The Hall of Fame of the Faith.” But, it is easily seen that each of these persons were but fallible humans. One again, that subject is addressed in the commentary upon those verses. This work can easily be a valuable asset to anyone who is interested in taking a deeper look at the Words of God’s inspired and preserved Words. 

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DeWitt on the General Epistles

Studies in The Deity of Jesus The Christ

     Dr. E. E. DeWitt, a pastor and author of many works, has published his work on the Deity of Jesus, which was originally programs for TV. His book is packed with useful information for pastors for sermons, teachers for lessons, and students for studying topics that are often not explored in depth in the classroom. Dr. DeWitt's masterful work would be of great benefit to any believer, from the man in the pulpit to the man in the pew.


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Studies in The Deity of Jesus The Christ


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Proverbs 2:8