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The authors of the following materials have generously offered these materials for your spriritual growth free of charge.  Please, if you find these useful, pass the word around so that others may also enjoy and grow through these materials.

Check back often as we will add more free materials as they become available.

“Pastor Paul Reno has written an excellent booklet, “King James Version: By Inspiration or Translation?” The booklet has assisted several to understand the issue and to change their minds. He has made it available free of charge. May God use it to His glory.”

The King James Version By Inspiration or Translation-Mobi

The King James Version By Inspiration or TranslationPDF

The King James Version By Inspiration or Translation-ePub

Almost...but Lost-Mobi

Almost...but LostPDF

Almost...but Lost-ePub

How God Saved a Pastor's Wife by Carolyn Reno

by Dr. H. D. Williams

The Septuagint-Mobi

The Septuagint PDF

The Septuagint-ePub

“This book demonstrates that the Septuagint (LXX) does not have the character of God's Words. Furthermore, the liberal scholars are attempting to use it to change the 'received' Words of God.”

By Dr. Robert Patton

Persecution in the Church-PDF


By Dr. Zeinner

Book of Redemption-Mobi

Book of RedemptionPDF

Book of Redemption-ePub

“This book answers five questions everyone may ask in their lifetime.

  • 1. Who is God?

  • 2. How did I get here?

  • 3. What happened to mankind?

  • 4. What is man’s connection to Jesus?

  • 5. Is Heaven real?”

 Yet, the answers contained in this book will not come from man’s opinion, bias, or religion. You will read only what God says from the Bible. There are no words of man; you will only read the words of God.

by Dr. H. D. Williams

The interpretation of parables is fraught with danger if the Scriptural understanding and use of parables is not utilized. The interpretation of parables is linked to nine important factors. May this treatise be used to the glory of Him Who loved us first; Who is the Word of God.

The Interpretation of Parables- mobi

The Interpretation of Parables- PDF

The Interpretation of Parables- ePub


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