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Dr. Ron Tobin

Salvation: Choice or Chosen: A Pursuit of Biblicism

 Have you ever felt squeezed into a theological position about salvation that just doesn't line up with the Bible? Salvation: Choice or Chosen is a book for younger or older Christians to help liberate them to a more Biblicist position. This book attempts to encapsulate the discussion between Armenian and Calvinism while moving the reader towards a balanced Biblicists position. Only then will the church of Jesus Christ experience the sweet flow of Holy Spirit directed revival.

In Salvation: Choice or Chosen, Ron Tobin shows how extended deductions in the system of Calvinism contradict plain statements of Scripture. Coming from his background in Augustinian Catholicism, his writing on this subject is especially insightful.

John Van Gelderen | President Revival Focus  

Calvinism and Reformed Theology are rampant as never before in my fifty-six years of ministry. This is true not only in America, but in churches in many other places around the world that I have been privileged to preach. Pastor Tobin has done a thorough job in explaining the Calvinist's TULIP theology with an explanation of the proof texts they use to justify their erroneous doctrine. I recommend this book to any serious Christian who is open-minded about knowing the truth.

Evangelist Ron Comfort

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Salvation: Choice or Chosen: A Pursuit of Biblicism


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