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Frank Crawford

Fortress America Under Siege     

“Communism can be characterized by a single word: deception. It is being played out on the political scene today as America experiences a concerted attack by Marxist socialists to overthrow the leader of the Free World from within…and they seem certain of victory. Where can freedom-loving people look for hope in these days of uncertainty?” “There is a legacy left by two great Christian men, William Aberhart and Ernest C. Manning, who for 33 years ruled the Canadian province of Alberta as premiers in “God’s Government.” They were loved by the people and re-elected consistently during dire economic times with the people’s best interests at heart. It is timely to look back to their legacies and warnings as our two countries seem to be groping in the dark for a way back to our cultural heritage, and the prosperity and stability that it affords.”

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Fortress America Under Siege

The Tower of Babble Silenced by the Voice of Reason     

“This book, “A Tower of Babble Silenced by the Voice of Reason” is a critical response to "From the Mind of God to the Mind of Man" by Bob Jones University. It is organized in Chapters that correspond to the book being evaluated. Quotes from it are followed by corresponding "Comments" by the writer/compiler of this work. "From the Mind of God to the Mind of Man" deserves a lot of criticism. The authors have undertaken to form a Committee that is a self-proclaimed authority on the subject of Textual Criticism. However, the research and reasoning behind its arguments fall far short of good scholarship. The writers have not taken into account the scholarly works of Dean John William Burgon. Therefore, the late Mr. Burgon is quoted extensively in relation to their statements concerning Westcott and Hort’s ‘canons’ of Textual Criticism.

The author of this book, Frank Crawford, is a well trained petroleum geologist, who has just been interviewed for an article to be published in a leading European Oil and Gas Journal. Several prominent Christian scholars have nothing but accolades for his book. The book is 346 pages.

Here are two comments by respected reviewers:

Dear Brother Crawford, God bless you with Ephesians 6:10-18. Your critique came with a lot of study. I have some information on From the Mind of God to the Mind of Man, but this is super and complete. I’ll use it from time to time. Thanks so much for your time and study.

In His Service,

(The late) Pastor Perry F. Rockwood

John 3:16


Dear Dr. Waite,

Thank you for sending the download of Frank Crawford’s book. He does indeed have a masterful grasp on the subject and is to be commended for gathering such a vast amount of material in an interesting and understandable way. His work demonstrates again the unparalled and in many ways timeless value of Burgon’s works for the serious student. May the Lord bless this effort. It will certainly benefit anyone who will take the time to study it in part or in full.

In Christ,

Jack Moorman London, England”


Table of Contents & Sample Pages
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The Tower of Babble Silenced by the Voice of Reason

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"He keepeth the paths of judgment, and preserveth the way of his saints."

Proverbs 2:8