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Dr. Thomas Strouse

The Lord GOD Hath Spoken: A Guide to Bibliology

    Following are two of the reasons Dr. Strouse wrote this book: (1) He says, “Since the authority and message of the Bible is under attack, many men seem to have great reserve about entering the ministry of the Word.” (2) He also says, “Over the years some of my seminary and Bible students have challenged me to put my course syllabi into book form for publishing.” “I would like to respond to these factors by producing a book which defends the authority and message of the Bible for both fundamental Baptist laymen and seminary students to comprehend and utilize. Some of the items addressed are the Revelation, Inspiration, Inerrancy, Canonicity, Illumination, Interpretation, and Perfections of Scripture. “The student of the Bible must recognize that the Bible’s underlying texts are extremely important. ... The student of the Word should use the Masoretic Text of the Hebrew OT because it is the standardized and traditional text of the OT, and the student should use the Received Text of the Greek NT because it is superior to the Critical Text and Majority Text textually, historically, and Christologically. Not only is the text of the Bible important, but so is the translation of the Bible. Since the Masoretic and Received Texts are superior, it follows that their resultant translation, the KJV, is superior. THE KJV IS THE WORD OF GOD IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. It has no errors in it because it carefully reflects the original language texts closest to the autographs. The AV, like all translations, has ‘language limitations,’ but these are not errors.”

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