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Dr. David Brown

The Dark Side of Halloween

   The purpose of this book is to make you aware of the dark side of Halloween and show you how the demonic principles and practices are beguiling our children and our culture. I have researched this topic for nearly two decades and there is absolutely no doubt about Halloween's occult connection. Halloween has been the occultists' most effective tool in bewitching America! It has been and is being used by occultists of all stripes to interject their demonic doctrines into our culture.

 It was 1984 when I released the first printed edition of this book under the title, Halloween: Behind The Mask. It included only 16 pages of information exposing Halloween's occult connection. As a result of that little book, I had the opportunity to present the material in churches, at rallies, in Christian schools and on Christian radio and TV programs. Many people were skeptical at first. To my surprise, some of the most antagonistic people I encountered were pastors and heads of Christian ministries and colleges. Many insisted that I was over reacting and that Halloween was just harmless fun. I must tell you, by and large, that is not the response I am getting today. Indeed "the mask" is off of the unholy day. Witches are out of the "broom closet" and peddling their demonic wares on television, in the newspapers, in the bookstores, and in the public schools. Speaking of the public schools. What is happening in your school district? I get calls from around the nation telling me that the Christian celebrations of Christmas (the birth of Christ) and Easter (the resurrection of Christ) are snubbed, maligned and even expelled from some public schools, but, not the occult holiday of Halloween! That is the public school's biggest holiday. Children are often required to write reports on witchcraft. There are public schools that have even brought in witches to tell about their "wonderful, wholesome" religion. In the public schools, witchcraft is "IN" and Christianity is "OUT." While many Christians are waking up to the dark side of Halloween, Americans in general are increasingly being exposed to occult principles and adopting occult practices. Americans are being bewitched. Now, before I jump too far ahead, let's look at The History, The Heroes and The Harm of Halloween.

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The Dark Side of Halloween

Blueprint for Marriage & Family

   There is no doubt about it! God has a blueprint for building strong, successful Marriages and Families! He has clearly drawn out that blueprint in the Bible. Discover the truth in this book:

God’s Blueprint for Marriage & Family

1. God’s Blueprint For Married Couples: It is God’s design and will that each married couple leave their parents, cleave to each other and become intimately involved (one flesh) with each other.

2. God’s Blueprint For Husbands: It is God’s design and will that each husband love his own wife and lead her.

3. God’s Blueprint For Wives: It is God’s design and will that each wife submit to her own husband and assist, aid and complete him.

4. God’s Blueprint For Communication: It is God’s design and will that family members listen and talk with each other often, within the context of self-control.

5. God’s Blueprint For Commitment: It is God’s design and will that each family member be committed to Christ, spouses be committed to each other, and parents be committed to their children.

6. God’s Blueprint For Parents: It is God’s design and will that each parent rear their children biblically, communicate with them constantly, and love them fervently.


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Blueprint for Marriage & Family

The Indestructible Book

    The Indestructible Book, written by Dr. David L. Brown, Pastor of Oak Creek First Baptist Church in Oak Creek, WI. It is a 500 page hardback book with interior color pictures and with a dust-jacket “The book is a very valuable tool for anyone interested in the modern debates over preservation, the Traditional Text, and the King James Bible. The greatest thing about this book is that it demonstrates clearly that we have an Indestructible Bible. It takes a lot of diligent study to "get up to speed" on the many points of controversy that are part of this discussion. This book is a great head start on understanding these issues because of Dr. Brown's knowledge and insight into them and by the way the material is presented. The Indestructible Book by Dr. David Brown reinforces, educates and strengthens our faith. It is worthy of your time and attention.

Dr. Phil Stringer, Pastor

Ravenswood Baptist Church, Chicago, IL

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The Indestructible Book

The Defined 1560 Geneva Bible: OT / NT

   The entire Geneva Bible was released in 1560. It was innovative in both text and format, and quickly became the household Bible of English speaking people. It was the first English Bible to have modern verse divisions as well as modern chapter divisions. It was the first Bible to use italics to indicate words not in the original language and the first Bible to change the values of ancient coins into English pound sterling equivalents. It was also the first to use plain Roman type, which was more readable than the old Gothic type, and it was in a handy quarto size for easy use. With prologues before each book, extensive marginal notes, and a brief concordance, the Geneva Bible was in fact the first English “study Bible.”

      Between the Geneva Bible’s first edition of 1560 and its last edition in 1644, 160 editions, totaling around a half million Bibles, were produced. And for the first time, common people could not only understand the words in the Bible, they could actually own one. Its widespread use first solidified the English language among the common people, not the 1611 King James Bible as many assume. Actually, the King James Bible required decades to surpass the popularity of the Geneva and supplant it from the hearts of the English-speaking world. In fact, the Geneva Bible was the principal English Bible initially brought to American soil, making it the Bible that shaped early American life and impacted Colonial culture more than any other.

     In this edition, we have chosen not to include any commentary and simply allow the strength of the translation to come through to the reader. Yet because 450 plus years have elapsed since the original Geneva Bible, we have modernized the spelling of words. We have also bracketed and defined words and terms which are no longer commonly used or are so altered in their meaning as to be unfamiliar today.

     Further, this work is not intended to replace the King James Bible, but to show how close the Geneva translation is to the King James Bible. These two Bibles are translated from the same Traditional Hebrew/Aramaic and Greek Texts. So, why was the King James Bible needed? It was because the marginal notes were “very partial,” King James said. And they were. They were completely Calvinistic and many considered the notes as a part of divine revelation, which they are not. On January 17, 1604, the motion was made and carried “…that a translation be made of the whole Bible, as consonant as can be to the original Hebrew and Greek; and this to be set out and printed without any marginal notes.” Only cross references, and word definitions and occasional variant reading were allowed.

     After 85 years of and six English Bible translations (Tyndale, Coverdale, Matthews, Great, Bishops, Geneva) virtually all English Bible translation efforts cease for 274 years with the publication of the King James Bible. The King James Bible is the most popular book of all times. It has been in constant publication since 1611 with an estimated 6 billion copies being published. The Geneva Bible, which is virtually unknown today, played an important part in American History. It was our desire to modernize the spelling and define the archaic words so the reader easily read and see why it holds such an important place in American History.

Edited by David L. Brown and James Krueger

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The Defined 1560 Geneva Bible: OT
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The Defined 1560 Geneva Bible: NT

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